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The authority on LED technology since 1976. 

As an engineering-centric organization, Sunrise SESA Technologies transforms LED signage into applications across the world for transportation, transit, and commercial industries. We are proud to engineer and manufacture our products in the USA and adhere to strict quality standards ensuring our craftsmanship and long-term performance.

Exceptional LED Applications for Everyday Life

Who We Are

We are a nation of inventors, innovators, bold thinkers -- who put what if into practice. The quest for freedom gave our founders the ingenuity to give life to a unique nation, risking it all for that more perfect experience. At Sunrise, our mission is to put such bold ideas into action. Our intelligent signs, which illuminate city streets to transportation centers, trading floors to vacation hotspots, are all designed with one thing in mind -- to help you get the most information faster. Acting locally-Thinking globally. As we pioneer new devices and applications, we consider the needs of the global community while ensuring local interests as well -- our American industry. We are driven to solutions-oriented processes by a passion for the engineering challenges that these ideas provide. Innovation is accomplished by considering a problem from many different vantage points - perspective and considering all the options, we accept that challenge for our consumers both here and abroad. It is our honor to provide devices that guide, inform, and secure your transportation needs.

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What they say about us

We love the ease of working with Sunrise’s Protocol, it's simple but thorough and flexible in messaging. The signs have been bulletproof for us, some installs running 20 years of functionality and will likely work forever.

Robert Satchell
Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc.

We like the fact Sunrise produces Made in America Compliant products as that is important to us, Sunrises Customer Service is good and we find them very responsive and we enjoy our working relationship.

Sherry Webber

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