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Serving North America Since 1976

As an engineering-centric organization, Sunrise SESA Technologies transforms LED signage into applications across the world for transportation, transit, and commercial industries. We are proud to engineer and manufacture our products in the USA and adhere to strict quality standards ensuring our craftsmanship and long-term performance.

Sunrise SESA products
Sunrise Transit Displays

Sunrise Transit Displays offer excellent legibility in all conditions, automatic brightness control to reduce power consumption, and easy-to-use software controllers with customizable display options. Produced in-house, these displays are easy to install, use, and maintain, making them a reliable and practical choice for transit signage needs.

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Sunrise SESA products (1)
Sunrise Ticker LED Displays

Delivering essential information in today's fast-paced world with high quality ticker LED displays. Sunrise SESA Technologies is your trusted provider across many industries, including education, broadcast, financial, retail, and arts. From our LED tickers to our custom signs, rely on us to help you plan out your next LED project.

Ticker LED Displays
  • Stock Ticker Displays
  • News Ticker Displays
  • Crypto Ticker Displays
  • Circular, Curved, Vertical, and Corner Wrapping Displays
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Sunrise SESA products (2)
SESA Transportation ITS Signs

Whether you are looking for solar-powered dynamic message signs, mobility solutions, retrofit packages, DMS controls, or custom ITS signs, Sunrise SESA offers the expertise you need. Trust us to meet and exceed your toughest standards with our unwavering commitment to innovation, energy efficiency, and high-quality solutions.

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Who we work with

Mask Group 6
Mask Group 6

I appreciate your support in getting our old stock tickers working again. When all the other vendors pushed us away, you took the time to listen and provided a solution so we could keep them running until we move into our new building in a few years. This was a huge win for the college.

John D. IT Director
Harvard University


"The stock tickers are 'ticking' again in the Trading Room. We worked with Sunrise SESA Technologies, who helped us resurrect our old signs by replacing the controllers. Fixing the tickers was a team effort and I appreciate everyone." 

Dave Borschel, Associate Director
Florida State University


We like the fact Sunrise SESA Technologies produces Made in America compliant products as that is important to us, we find the customer service team very responsive and we enjoy our working relationship.

Sherry Webber
Trapeze Software Group

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 1.41.16 PM-1

We love working with Sunrise SESA Technologies' Protocol. It's simple, thorough and flexible in messaging. The signs have been bulletproof for us, some installs running 20 years of functionality and will likely work forever.

Robert Satchell
Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc.

Why Us

Progressive Technology

Our products offer numerous features and benefits that are unique to our industry and our innovative design process.

Need-based Customization

We sell solutions. Our team is ready to study your specific needs and develop a solution that meets you where you are.

Cloud Options

Choose from cloud hosting software only or a bundled hardware solution. 

Testing for Quality

All of our products are fully factory tested and documented to ISO9001:2015 standards.

Customer Support

Technical expertise and dedication will be available to each and every client from the beginning of their projects to the end of the product lifecycle.

Proudly Made in the USA

Our products, manufactured in the USA, compliant with the Buy-America Act adhere to strict quality standards.

About Us

SUNRISE SESA Technologies is a United States based company that has manufactured custom LED signage for the public transport industry since 1982. Sunrise SESA has satisfied customers worldwide, as our LED displays are installed in countries and industries all across the globe. With more than 40 years of industry experience and continuous product development, quality and customer support has been central to our mission and the reason for our success, further ensuring our company’s dependability and functionality.

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