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A fast, easy quoting process puts you in control - and allows you to get the new signs you need at a fraction of the up-front cost.

With Sunrise SESA, you will enjoy the advantages of equipment financing and short-term business loans without having to deal with complicated application procedures or lengthy assessment periods.

Solutions Right for your Business

  • Financing up to $1.5 million and lease terms up to 85 months
  • 100% financing
  • Deferred payment options
  • Most credit decisions are received within 2 hours

Municipal leases are only offered to non-federal governmental entities such as cities, towns, school districts, and counties, allowing them to fund crucial infrastructure without requiring a ballot issue.

Underwriting costs on municipal leases are far less than the cost of a bond issuance, and are structured in a way to offer the municipality the lowest possible interest rate.

Like any business, the government has both capital allocated to its budget and operating expense monies. Using the right finance tool helps your federal agency customer extend their dollars to fulfill a critical mission or get that needed piece of equipment to make their job easier and more productive.  

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Financing and leasing options to fund small-to-large transportation projects.

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