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About Sunrise SESA Technologies


The authority on LED technology for almost 50 years, Sunrise SESA Technologies family of talented engineers design and manufacture innovative LED signage for transportation, transit, and commercial industries. Our products, made in the USA, adhere to strict quality standards while ensuring our craftsmanship and long-term performance. At Sunrise SESA Technologies, we are innovating tomorrow's transportation needs today.

What We Do

Our combined project approach is to work alongside our clients and to deal with obstacles directly, ensuring complete client satisfaction. Additionally, our installation history allows us to preemptively identify and correct issues that often plague traditional LED products. Every one of our products is created with ease-of-use, ease-of-installation, and longevity in mind. Our products have been proven to survive the harshest conditions. Our experienced, expert engineers and technicians work diligently to fill the requirements of any project, whether it is a single sign, a more complex ITS system, or a situational, custom-tailored product solution. With 50 years of experience, Sunrise SESA’s commitment to producing quality products is a well-established tradition.

Sunrise SESA is committed to its clients.




How We Work With You

Our commitment permeates everything we do. We support contractors, consultants, and end-users through all phases of each project and work to maintain open, structured communication channels so that no one is left in the dark. Our skilled technicians and extensive parts inventory ensure that our clients can use their signs worry-free for years on end and that every situational need is completely met, regardless of its uniqueness or complexity.  When you buy an SESA Intelligent Transportation Systems product, you buy something you can trust, from a company that cares. 

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